Consider a Godaddy Review

There are a lot of companies out there saying that they are the best web host in the world. You’ll be surprised how many sites are boasting that, but there is only one major brand name in the world of hosting that is not only backed by millions of dollars of marketing, they have been featured during the Superbowl, and sponsor award winning professionals GoDaddy. That brand is none other than Godaddy. Before you are spend money on web hosting, consider reading an honest Godaddy review, and see why they back up their claims with pure technology and customer service. It’s hard to rival this big name company.

First and foremost a Godaddy review will feature the domain name registration service. Millions of domain names, and they do it at around $1.99! You won’t find another better option when considering domain name registration. Once you’ve registered your domain name you can forward that to an existing e-commerce store, eBay store, or blog you have hosted somewhere. It’s true, there’s no other registration service that is as easy to navigate through than Godaddy’s award winning service.

The unlimited plan is the third major option from this major company. It will cost you $14.99 a month but it comes with a free SSL certificate, unlimited space and transfer, 1,000 email accounts, and unlimited MySql databases.

All three of these plans come with a variety of features that you might not see in a Godaddy review. Consider these features, 24×7 FTP access, world class data centers, daily backups, best of breed routers, firewalls and servers, web site statistics, free email addresses, Google webmaster tools, Ad credits from Myspace, Google, and Facebook, 24/7 Support, and so much more!

There are a lot of different features to highlight when considering a Godaddy review, and it’s hard to really highlight just one, because the company has set the bar really high in regards to offering the most options for web users. It’s no wonder that Godaddy has millions of dollars of advertising muscle; they are simply one of the easiest hosts to use, set up, and utilize. Whether you’re building a an e-commerce site, or you’re setting up a blog, you’ll find that this company knocks it out of the park in terms of customer service, and ease of use.

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