Should I Study At Ashford University? An Online Review

I will be looking at Ashford today. Ashford University is a private, for-profit, co-ed liberal arts university located in Iowa, accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges làm bằng cao đẳng and Schools. There are both physical campus courses and online courses, but I will be looking at and focusing on the online courses.

Associate, Bachelors, MBAs, and Masters are all offered by Ashford University. For instance, business, social science, accounting, sociology, MBAs, Masters of organisational management and Masters of teaching and learning with technology, are some of the courses that they offer here.

A brief look at the online degrees offered by this university suggests that their main courses are in the arts and social sciences; it is indeed an arts college that does specialise in the arts, after all. Please note that this is not to say that the other online or degree programmes offered by Ashford University that are not arts based are useless or not worth doing, so take note.

There is a benefit to studying with Ashford University, because the fees here are lower than other private online degree programmes and other universities. The website has all its fees for the various associate degrees, bachelors of arts degrees and masters programmes, and it is indeed one of the most inexpensive around. In addition, some classes are 5-6 weeks long and a few degrees can be completed in less than 2 years, which is really fast. That would mean that from a money viewpoint or an economics opportunity cost viewpoint, Ashford University offers one of the lowest costs for studying at a university. Financial viewpoint here means that because it seems to be cheaper, and you finish the degree earlier, you pay less as compared to other online degree programmes. Also note that in addition, there are veteran bursaries and scholarships available, and that might help you should you need aid.

This University’s online programmes are affordable accredited programmes that are easy to do and accelerated. These three points make it distinct and unique and different from other universities and other courses. Yes the fees are lower, compared to Kaplan for instance. Yes, the degrees are accelerated, especially since some of them can be done in 24 months and yet others in 12 months, and they still possess the same validity as a degree from the physical campus at Ashford. These key points thus make Ashford a very good recommendation for arts subjects. You might want to consider this university. Cheers and all the best for your online education!

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