Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) Information

Nurses are able to enjoy a very high level of job growth and excellent career advancement opportunities, despite the tough job market in recent years. Thanks to the aging baby boomer population and the ongoing nursing shortage , làm bằng cấp 3 the demand for nurses all over the USA has skyrocketed, making now the perfect time to earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Choosing the right degree can make a substantial difference to your nursing career. Not only will your degree play a large role in your earning potential, but it will also affect your on-the-job responsibility, chance for promotion, and job opportunities in general.

If you are planning on entering into a career in nursing, you should no further than a BSN degree. This is because it will equip you with the credentials and skills that many employers are looking for from their nurses. In addition, a BSN provides a strong platform for career advancement, and possessing the degree is a prerequisite if you want obtain a MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) at some point in the future.

A BSN degree will prepare you to work in many health care settings, some of which include: hospitals, physicians’ offices, home health services and nursing care facilities. Not only do nurses who hold a bachelor’s degree receive a higher salary, but they also hold supervisory roles and are given a high level of responsibility and independence, making their work much rewarding than their peers.

-Second Degree BSN: Second Degree BSN Programs are designed to help adults who are interested in switching from their current profession to a career in the field of nursing. These programs give students credit for having completed liberal arts requirements for a non-nursing degree, and enable students to earn a BSN degree in 1-2 years.

Accelerated BSN: Accelerated BSN programs are similar to Second Degree BSN programs in the way that credit is rewarded for having completed liberal arts requirements. This type of Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing takes an average of 15 months to complete, hence the name. The work load is intensive, and it is not designed for those who want to continue to remain in full-time employment as they work towards obtaining their degree.

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