Is The Content You Create Being Seen And Read By The Right People?

Blogs are a big part of online business promotion. In addition to the millions of social bloggers, nearly all the business websites have a blog too and rightly so. Blogs are a great way to build a relationship with your readers and to develop two-way communications. It’s all about giving your customers a little extra by sharing tips, and discussing news and interesting topics.

But two questions we are often asked are these – Are my articles actually being read by anyone? And how do I find more readers?

Theseare completely natural questions to ask Sherry Dyson . For many small businesses trying to build a following, at the early stages of a blogs life, it can feel as though you are talking to a wall. However, over time, you will start to pick up readers.

In order to grow a readership and start to have a regular following, you will need to spend time not only writing your blog but sharing it and passing it around so that others can be aware it is there. Use your own network of colleagues, they will be a great way to share news of a new blog article or interesting tutorial you have just posted. Employees too can be encouraged to follow and share the content of a corporate blog. It is a great way to build company loyalty too, and if you open it up and ask certain employees to guest blog at times, they will feel more involved in the whole process and be proud to show it off to their own network of contacts.

Generating some interest in your content is all about sharing it as much as possible with the right people. It is also about catching their interest and engaging with them. For small retailers, this can be done quickly with the promotion of offers or a competition. For a blog, it can be very useful to guest blog for other blogs as a way of building your name.For other forms of content like video, the same is true. Share, repost and communicate with viewers as much as possible. The more you pass your content around, the more it is likely to be seen or read.

With regard to the detail in your content, be as engaging and interesting as you can. Avoid bland topics and subjects. The idea here is to add something new to your reader’s level of knowledge, or answer a question for them. For example, if you are a garden business, maybe you could write an article about when to plant spring bulbs. This can be timed so that it appears when gardeners are asking these questions, and when you are selling spring bulbs!

And this is how you connect your content to your brand. It’s how good quality content can make a real and significant effect on your sales revenue, and it is how you can ensure that your content is being read by the right people, at the right time.

We can’t guarantee that every single piece of content you create will be seen, read and appreciated, but in terms of SEO, every single piece of content you create really does make a huge difference. The most successfully ranked websites are the ones that have the largest variety of activity occurring all the time. It is not just about millions of visitors though. It’s also about being relevant at a local level so that your local customers know exactly where you are.

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