What Your Email Subject Lines, And Spam May Have In Common

Spam, it’s a dirty word. Recipients hate it, and email marketers know that if it isn’t controlled, it has the potential to discredit the email marketing way of life, and put a stop to it all together. Honest email marketers, which pretty much sums up all of us, do our utmost to make sure that our email campaigns are law abiding, and all above board, BUT have you considered your email subject lines, and what they say about you, and your email marketing reputation?

Sometimes you may find that you are getting your emails rejected or flagged before reaching your subscribers email inbox, or worse still, your subscribers are deleting your messages without opening them, since they had the same types of subject lines as the Spam that appears in their email boxes GoDaddy email login . The good news is that you can correct bad subject lines easily, simply by knowing what you should, and shouldn’t be saying in them.

It is said that one of the oldest tricks in the book is using a mysterious subject line to get people curious enough to open your email. The only trouble with a mysterious subject line is that it is so old, the majority of Internet savvy people receiving emails already know about this trick. And guess what? It hardly ever works anymore.

If you are like most people, you will agree that you hate it when you feel you have been mislead, or tricked into opening an email. So never do it to your subscriber list. In a recent study conducted by AOL, 96% of people described Spam as emails that were intended to purposely trick the recipients into opening them!

No Tricks, Just Truths

People don’t like being tricked. If you receive an email that is titled “how to fix your lawnmower, you expect to open the email and find information about lawnmowers, not something else. Don’t mislead people with your subject lines. Think of your email subject line much like the heading of an article you are writing for your website. Keep it relevant, and simple, relating directly to what your email content says.

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