Are Computer Games Bad for Children?

When I was a boy, which I have to admit was a long time ago, we used to play outside – in the street, at the park, in the woods, and so on. There were no computer games then – well, there weren’t really any computers – so we didn’t have the digital distractions that today’s kids have. Nowadays, children are introduced to electronic games from a very early age, and by the age of seven can be pretty good with a computer or games console.

Although we all get frustrated with our children from time to time because we can’t get them to go outside and play, I guess we would have been exactly the same if we F95ZONE had been given the playtime choices that today’s children have. Would you rather go outside in the rain and the cold, or stay indoors and play on a games console? I know what I would rather do!

But are video games bad for children? A report from the European parliament concluded that they are not, and that the games are in fact good for children because the games teach children skills that are essential in life. I know from listening to my own children that many of the games they play are probably helping them to develop strategic thinking and creativity, as well as other important life skills.

Of course, many of the games tend to be of a violent nature, where the aim is to destroy an enemy of some sort or another. This is nothing new though – if you think back to the earliest video games way back in the seventies such as Space Invaders, the intention then was to destroy an invading enemy. The European report also stated that there is no firm proof that playing such games has a negative impact on behavior.

A study carried out by CBS Evening News on 1,102 teenagers shows that 97 percent of them play video games and that 65 percent of them play online with someone else, and that the most popular games are racing, puzzle and sports games.

Toine Manders, the Dutch liberal MEP who drafted the report, had this to say: “Video games are in most cases not dangerous. We heard evidence from experts on computer games and psychologists from France, the US, Germany and the Netherlands and they told us that video games have a positive contribution to make to the education of minors.”

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