Guidelines to Running a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is growing in popularity. However to be successful in today’s business climate and to reach the more savvy recipients it is essential to understand the dynamics of email marketing – from spam filters, content creation that inspires, HTML presentation, the ability to test and track, group segmentation and more Charter mail login . In popular response to my previous article, “Increase Your Email Campaign Effectiveness”, I have added some additional key guidelines to consider in order to run a successful email marketing campaign and increase your ROI.

HTML emails and look and function differently when viewed. To ensure correct rendering of pictures, colors and graphics, you should: send a sample email to the major providers like EarthLink, Gmail, AOL and Yahoo! to flag bad links, poor visual or other formatting problems; use an email provider that will show you how your email is viewed; and most importantly, design an email header that will give the viewer the chance to see the offer or desired outcome.

It is always a good idea to text your content against spam filters and see what gets blocked. You can have great creative and enticing offers but if they don’t pass the spam test, you wasted your money. If you have a high rate of blocked emails, consider optimizing your emails for inbox delivery, create good headers, and rewrite the content.

Recipients need to feel in control to manage their subscriptions, be able to contact you and send information to others. These admin functions should be embedded in every email, usually at the bottom so they don’t have to search for it.

The best way to achieve optimum results is to test your emails, not only for deliverability, but for content. Subject lines, offers, time sensitive date and expiration date are test factors. You can even segment your list to compare one to the other to see which is more effective for open rate and sales.

You want to give your recipients good reasons to open your email. An Email Value Proposition should be unique and consistent with your brand messaging and marketing objectives; and of course it should be clearly defined, engaging and motivate one to open your email by being benefits driven. Of course, when they open the email your message should keep with their expectation of your offer to them.

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