Wii Fit Technology: How Video Games Are Good For Health

What happens when a video game manufacturer becomes a health junkie? You get games like Wii Fit or Wii Fit plus which change the world of gaming for you as a gamer and for Nintendo Wii as a gaming manufacturer. Nintendo F95zone – one of the leading producers of software and hardware for games now has a serious outlook on health and fitness as a result of which Wii Fit is now increasingly popular among many gaming aficionados.

Nintendo first released Wii Sports – a virtual game that pulls gamers off their couches and invokes them to stimulate sports actions off their bodies to replicate these motions through controllers to play games on their Wii consoles. The actions required on the part of gamers playing these games well – like tennis or bowling – might not be the same as playing the actual games but could be construed as the best alternative for indoor physical activity closely replicating the movements of the real games.

Nintendo’s latest release Wii Fit has been received with open arms by the gaming community at large — an ambitious, off-the-road kind of release that could set the entire gaming industry into another direction altogether. First off, the Wii Fit isn’t even close to a game; think of it more like an unlikely arranged marriage between a game and an exercise simulator. You could use Nintendo’s Wii Fit technology for your entertainment (since it’s a game, really) and then use it as an in-house weight loss management tool. For the first time then, not going to the gym can be more or less justified with your seemingly endless gaming sessions on the Wii Fit game.

Nintendo also goes out of its way to do justice to the Wii Fit technology by adding a lot more to Wii Fit: a Wii Balance Board has about 40 challenges across fitness categories like muscle training, weight loss, aerobics and balance board games. It also has a fairly accurate module that calculates your BMI to further calculate your age and then daily progress from there on – recent trends from users suggest that it might not really be the best way to calculate your BMI since there have been errors, but it could do for a good start.

Using Nintendo’s Wii Fit technology, you could now do push-ups, do lunges, squats and many other exercises apart from playing the Balance Board Games (which are more like mini-games). The best part is that it’s almost like working out in the gym where your heart’s beat rate soars; you break into sweat and can test your muscles until they go sore and then you start all over again.

Having sold more than 2 million copies and counting worldwide, the various benefits of Wii Fit that Nintendo rolled out are now being grabbed with a relentless gusto. Pumping up your body into shape has never been this easier with a meager investment in a gaming console (that your entire family can use) and still be able to use it for the betterment of your health. It’s technology like this that tends to make it memorable purely from the value standpoint.

It’s not to say that the Wii technology is perfect and that the Wii Fit game is the best ever; it’s clearly not so. But with some minor upgrades, this innovative game can transcend from the game-potato breeding that almost other games are guilty of to a truly therapeutic experience virtually, for the first time ever.

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