Do I Need A College Degree?

When you are finishing up with high school, it is easy to develop a mindset of wanting to be done with school all together. Given the choice, many would prefer to simply chứng chỉ tiếng anh move on. The fact is that if you want make significant progress in life, you had better earn a college degree. If your parents are able and willing to pay your expenses, there is no good reason for avoiding college. Statistics show that college graduates earn about twice as much money as high school graduates.

A few years ago, a person was able to work his way into most desirable positions without a college degree. Now, just to slip into most middle-class jobs, you need a degree. This is partially because so many people have degrees that every company can simply screen out those without one. So, why would they hire you if you don’t have one? Companies seldom inquire from where you obtained your degree, just as long as you have one from an accredited university.

For students whose parents aren’t able to pay their college tuition, don’t worry. There are many alternatives to paying for school. These include scholarships and financial aid from the school itself and the government, as well as means of working your way through school. If you do the hard work and earn your sheepskin, it will be well worth the money in the end.

Many people who don’t pursue a degree simply end up coming back later to obtain one. At some point, they realize their life progress is stifled and return to do what they could have done years earlier, but then often taking night or online classes while supporting a family. It’s a more stressful process later.

The demand for people with a higher education is growing, not diminishing. It is so relatively easy to graduate from high school or earn a GED that high school graduates are now typically at the lowest end of the employment scale. Any type of vocational or two-year program is better than nothing. Pursuing educational training beyond high school has pretty much become a necessity.

College itself is also an extremely valuable experience. It is something of a trial life environment where you can live on your own without all the typical adult responsibilities. Additionally, you will likely meet some of the best friends you will ever have – perhaps your future spouse – while acquiring a quality education that forever enriches your mind. Frequently, you can tell within a few minutes of talking with someone whether they went to college simply from the level of confidence they exude in speaking. College helps you discover who you can be and to your full potential.

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