How to Prepare for the USMLE Exam

If you are to score well on the USMLE Step 1 exam, you’ll need to spend quite a bit of time preparing for it. Here is advice from one doctor who obtained a high score on how to prepare so you can obtain the best score possible Security+ certification.

Before actually taking the exam, you should set a goal for yourself, and then take a practice exam to see whether or not you are within range. A passing score is 188, with the national average being 221. Even so, many specialty areas of medicine have average scores of around 240. Once you have a target score in mind, take a practice test in order to see how close you are. You should ideally take this practice test as early in your second year of medical school as possible.

While you should begin taking a practice USMLE Step 1 exam early, it’s also important to begin studying early as well. Some medical schools will allow students around two months prior to the test as study time, meaning there are no classes scheduled during that period. Don’t wait until that time arrives to request study material and begin looking over it. Light studying during the first semester of your second year of medical school is recommended, and you could intensify your efforts at the beginning of the second semester. During the two to three-month period directly leading up to your test, you should be engaged in almost constant study.

When looking for practice material for the USMLE Step 1 exam, it’s important to choose the right ones. Doctors who have scored very high on this exam recommend using the USMLE World question bank, since it contains questions very similar to those on the actual test. Another advantage of this program is that it gives you a detailed explanation of any questions you get wrong, so you are better able to target your study efforts afterwards.

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