The One Day Miracle Diet

Basically the one day miracle diet is dieting for one day at a time and off for a day. The advantage of this style of diet is you know that it will only be for one day and you will stick to the diet stricter on the days when you are on it.

One Day Miracle Diet is well suited for anyone who has trouble sticking with a diet a course in miracles. This diet also has the ability to lower your overall cholesterol, in some cases a significant reduction has been achieved. The one day miracle diet has also been called the Hollywood miracle diet.

On your dieting day, you do not eat anything other than vanilla or chocolate diet wafers and raw fruits(every two hours). Also, you will need to drink at least 8 glasses or more of water each day a course in miracles lessons . you should also engage in a light exercise routine to achieve best results. Walking short distances is great for this part of the program.

On the one day miracle diet you will not have any muscle loss. This is because of the high protein found in the wafers, and the fact that every other day you will be eating normal meals which will provide a balance of nutrients

The only down side to this diet is the fact that you are not training your body to accept healthy eating habits. This means that if at some point you stop with the program you are at risk of gaining the weight back. Unless of course you plan for this to be a permanent lifestyle change. If you do plan on this being permanent, you should consult a doctor on a regular basis.

If I were to ask you ‘Who or what are you physically?’your first response might be, “Come on, I know who I am at a physical level, after all I’ve been living in this body my entire life.” That’s not an unreasonable reply, but it is not one that gets to the heart of this question: who are you at the core physical level? Not what your name is, or what you do or what you look like, but who or what are you at the fundamental level of body?

The simple answer is, that at the basic level you are an unbelievably complex collection of organs, tissues, muscles, fluids, bones, teeth and joints that (usually) all work together flawlessly to keep the ‘me’ that you think you are alive and functioning. There’s nothing earth-shattering in that answer to be sure, but it does provide a segue to the next question, which is, have you ever just for a few moments given any thought whatsoever to all of the activities that occur in your body without your conscious involvement? This excerpt from Deepak Chopra’s book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind provides some revealing insights regarding the multitude of events that are taking place within your body, literally every second that you are alive:

A hundred things you pay no attention to — breathing,digesting, growing new cells, repairing damaged old ones, purifying toxins, preserving hormonal balance, converting stored energy from fat to blood sugar, dilating the pupils of the eyes, raising and lowering blood pressure, maintaining steady body temperature, balancing as you walk, shunting blood to and from the muscle groups that are doing the most work, and sensing movements and sounds in the surrounding environment — continue ceaselessly.

In addition to those second-to-second activities, your body is gradually undergoing long-term changes as well. For example, by the end of one year, ninety-eight percent of the atoms in your body will have been exchanged for new ones, and by the time seven years have elapsed, your body will have completely replaced itself on a cell-by-cell basis. Amazingly, the stomach lining actually replaces itself every five days, the skin replaces itself once a month, the liver replaces itself every six weeks, and believe it or not, even the skeleton replaces itself every three months! And most importantly, all of this occurs without one single bit of conscious effort on your part. Consider also that every time you eat something, your body automatically takes that food source and breaks it down into its component parts, uses what it needs, and discards what cannot be used as waste. What if you had to consciously control the digestive process? Can you even fathom all of the actions you would need to direct just to digest a single piece of bread? We take so much for granted about our bodies, yet most of us are quick to complain the moment that something within us is not functioning properly.

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