How to Make a Lakeside Cottage Handicapped Friendly

“The old man turned 98. He won the lottery and died the next day…Well, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you…Isn’t It Ironic?” Alanis Morissette

When I was 32, and moved to our little cliff dwelling on Lake Road, I had no problems digging holes, laying stone walls, or carrying buckets of water up 18 steps from the lake for the flowers. It was great fun! In fact, almost everyone handicap placard on the road worked in their gardens, fixed up their cottages, walked up and down the road, and swam in the lake. We were all hail and hardy! But, what do you do when you become handicapped?

Over the next 15 years, my neighbors aged and their lifestyles changed. Some of them quit working all year and started going to Florida in the winter. Some of them sold their cottages and moved away. Some of them got bigger and better riding lawn mowers. And, my older friend, Marge, quit walking down her steep steps and sitting by the water. It was hard for me to realize why she couldn’t just hang on to the railing. She was missing out on all that fun we had floating with our neighbors on hot summer days. How naïve I was. Or it may be I was just oblivious to her aging and weakening legs.

Then my parents started giving me the same kind of reluctance to navigating my 18 steps. (I gave them some slack as they were 87 and 91!) And then it was my turn. The ALS that I was stricken with in six years previously finally affected my legs. Suddenly I understood so much! So I retired-but now I’m the one who can’t get down to and enjoy the lake. How ironic…

I was unfortunately amazed at all of the things that were difficult or impossible with a walker or wheelchair. And so began our quest to make our home handicap-friendly. Some updates were easy-some were costly. Some of these renovations may be helpful at your cottage, especially if a family member, close friend or you become handicapped, but still want to enjoy your cottage at the lake

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