Tips on Choosing the Right Jewellery – Crystal or Pearl

All women know that ‘diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend’, but let’s face it, how many of us have diamonds, or any that are worth speaking about let alone being ‘best friends’?! The first hint of a diamond for any woman could well be her engagement ring. Whether chosen by her soon to be husband or chosen herself, this first diamond is one to keep hold of and cherish but what about other stones, what about semi-precious stones? Today Cubic Zironcia (CZ) is a well known and cheaper diamond alternative and in a lot of cases, to an untrained eye, they do sparkle sensationally and at a fraction of the price, are a very attractive understudy. Zircon on the other hand is somewhat different and more rare and therefore more precious than it’s manmade buddy CZ. Zircon shines beautifully and in many ways it is virtually impossible for the untrained eye to know the difference between Zircon and diamond. What about Swarvoski crystals? These too scintillate when light hits them and any movement results in a rainbow disco ball effect that is breathtaking. Semi-precious stones today have been made into gorgeous jewellery and when matched with Swarvoski crystals you get lovely results and expensive looking items. As for pearls, these come in so many different shapes and sizes and if you have a pearl with a triple ‘a’ lustre, that is of exceptionally high quality, there is no other gem like it. Fresh water coin pearls are such great value for money as you get a lot of pearl for your money. Round pearls are the common favourite with the more unusual shapes i.e. potatoe pearls, rice pearls, abalone and blister to name a few that are now making more of a statement in jewellery.

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Brides have for many many years worn pearls as a symbol of purity and as the oldest known gem the pearl is here to stay with regards to bridal jewellery. Today jewellery designers and manufacturers have put pearls with Marcasite and Sterling Silver to create a gorgeous combination buy gold in abu dhabi . As pearls come in so many shapes, sizes and shades, brides and women in general are somewhat spoilt for choice. Pearls need not seem old fashioned! Our visions of our Grandmother and her string of pearls around her neck should only serve to give us a heartwarming reminder of the pearl’s timeless beauty, decadence and classic charm. Each gem has a place of it’s own I’m sure in every woman’s collection but for me pearls win hands down every time!

When it comes to finding that perfect piece of jewelry then having a piece of custom jewellery made is a great place to start. Many people don’t want to go into a store and get a generic piece of jewelry that may be bought and worn by others. Some people would like to know that they are the only holders of a one of a kind piece of custom jewellery. That being the case, they start looking at other options. For some people, they might go and try to find a piece of antique jewelry, but for others having a piece custom made takes a lot more thought.

If you think that you might want to have a piece of custom jewellery made, then you might want to try and find someone that can make it for you. It’s even better if you have an idea of what you want your piece to look like. This will help you to make sure that you can give the person that is making the piece a clear picture of what it is that you are going to want. If you don’t do this then you might either end up with a piece that is not what you want or something that the person you are buying it from won’t make!

Custom jewellery can prove to really be a great option as a gift if you are looking to get something very special and something that the person will remember. In fact for many people opening a piece of custom jewellery is much better than any other kind of jewelry, as it shows that time and thought was put into it, with the person who ordered the piece thinking about them specifically. For the perfect gift, or at least one that will be remembered, this is a great option.

Making Custom Jewellery the Perfect Gift
If you are thinking that you want to get that special someone a special gift then you might want to try and get them a piece of custom jewellery. This is something that will certainly take them by surprise and then they will remember for a long time in the future. The only problem that you might have when you are looking at having a piece made for someone is making sure that you get a piece made that they will like. This really isn’t that much harder that choosing a piece that is already made, except that you will have to have an idea of what is needed or wanted.

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