Blogging for Money

While most of the bloggers don’t care about money, but about exposure, there are some making pretty decent earnings with blogs. The question is: how much? Well, that depends on the method used by the blogger, the traffic he or she can attract to the blog, the value of the post and so on. If you are willing to win some money with a blog, there are a few possibilities.

There are various ways to make money from a blog: advertising, including the famous ads by Google (AdSense), affiliate marketing, the controversial pay-per-post current , the actual blogging job and donations:

1. While AdSense is not so difficult to master – all you need to do is insert a code provided by Google into the HTML of your blog and Google will display on it ads related to the content. Each click on the ads will bring you a few cents. High value keywords may even bring you larger amounts. Google is not the only pay-per-click program provider. Even Yahoo! has a similar plan. It’s up to you what you choose.

2 To win money trough affiliate programs requires more efforts: you need to place links to merchants. These links should be appealing – to determine visitors to take action. And writing “sales links” is not such an easy task.

Blogging–it’s all over the web, and I do mean all over the web. In her 2003 article, “Meet the B-Blog,” Kathleen Goodwin noted that millions of bloggers were interacting across half a million blogs, with over a thousand new blogs popping up every day. At first glance, the “blogosphere” seems like a conglomerate of teen angst, purple journalism and creepy voyeurism. How could it be any use in business?

The truth is, savvy businesses caught on to the fact that, according to Goodwin, “B-blogs can offer organizations a platform where information, data, and opinion can be shared and traded among employees, customers, partners, and prospects in a way previously impossible: a two-way, open exchange.”

Many well-known corporations use blogging to reconnect with customers and grow their businesses. All in all, it seems like Microsoft, General Motors, Boeing and Sun Microsystems might be good company to keep.

Still, for many small business owners, blogging seems about as in reach as mining for diamonds in South Africa. How does a small business owner go about blogging, and will it really work like it does for the giant corporations?

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