Gambling is a gamble that many people do. Everyone around the world plays gambling even though everyone knows that gambling can cause poverty. Gambling is endless from ancient times to the present. It is very popular among lovers of worldly pleasures.

In the past, gambling games could only be played offline, but now gambling can be done online domino99. Many sites provide gambling games that can increase people’s opportunities to play gambling easily.

One of the tricks of gambling site owners in attracting players is to use convincing names such as the best sites, the greatest poker, dominoqq onlline and so on. The number of people who play gambling is also because people do not realize that gambling can cause poverty.

Playing gambling continuously of course causes a lot of losses for the players where among other things, gambling can be wasteful, gambling is a waste of free time, and of course gambling causes bankruptcy and poverty.

This is because because a gambling player who is already addicted to gambling games, he will continue to play gambling. It doesn’t matter if the money runs out or not. They who lose, of course, will be curious to be able to win the gamble. Players think that they can get money easily just by playing gambling.

Not only for players who have lost, but gambling can also be an addiction for those who won the gambling game for the first time. Gambling players will definitely bet again with the intention of winning in an even bigger nominal. But instead of winning back, it was a fatal defeat. This is because the win ratio in an online gambling site has been set in such a way.


The phrase gambling can cause poverty is certainly not a figment. Because we see, for example, that many people have their lives destroyed just because of the effects of gambling. Poverty or destruction befell the lives of gambling players, which of course is because the money spent is greater than the money earned by gambling.

As explained above, the winning ratio given is very small compared to the loss ratio obtained by gambling players. And this is rarely realized by the gamblers themselves.

So of course for those of you who really want to change your life for the better from an economic perspective, it doesn’t hurt to stop playing gambling because of course gambling can cause poverty. Quitting gambling is also useful for your future. You can start saving your money for more useful needs in the future.

And of course, by stopping gambling, you can also avoid the effects of gambling, namely gambling can cause poverty. In addition, you can also use your free time for activities that are considered more important or more positive. You can use your free time to find a side job, which is useful to increase your income. You can have quality time with your family, you can live a healthy life and you can increase your savings in the future.

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