How Bing Provides Insight Into SEO?

Last week, Microsoft provided insight to webmasters and SEO mavens, giving them a peek behind the curtain at Bing. The new Decision Engine is taking a more direct approach to how users are viewing page rank results, as well as a tighter fist on content scraping than Google currently clinches.

At a glance, Bing’s user interface is much more interesting and effective, when compared directly to Google’s SERPs for the same search terms google scrape . It also appears that Bing is utilizing eye-tracking data and heat map results to make themselves more useful. Now that Google has some stiff competition, there may also be variations in how SEO is implemented in order to rank well in Bing.

Currently, there is a trend at Google to extract search results snippets from the content of the result, rather than from description metatags. This does provide more substantial snippets that are more relevant for the user, but some sites aren’t optimized in a way that advocates this new tactic. This is common with product-based, content-light sites with lists of products. These types of sites are having a very difficult time with this new change by Google.

Microsoft is taking an aggressive approach to scraping sites for content. Sites that are upset that search engines are presenting their users with the very best content will not be any happier with Bing. Typically, content-rich websites would out-convert minimal-content websites because they appear to more completely address and answer the problem or question the user may have had. Bing and Google have both changed their search to more reflect this, which has some SEO mavens very hostile towards their coffee mugs.

Microsoft’s Bing Team has given no insight into how their search ranks interpret optimization and are decided: volume of search, quantity of backlinks, anchor texts? Much of the algorithms and spiders are essentially the same from MSN, but nothing has been released to clarify these details. This leads many to believe that Bing was mainly a rebranding move, rather than a completely new and evolved approach to search. It is also believed that Bing is moving at their own speed, and not trying to automate at hyper speed.

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