Top 5 Most Important Ergonomic Furniture Items

Not everyone has heard the term “ergonomic furniture,” but anyone who sits at a desk or computer throughout the majority of their work day knows that office furniture can, quite literally, be a real pain in the butt. Pain in the back, neck, and shoulders is quite common among office employees, and many people actually develop chronic conditions such as migraine headaches and posture issues as a result of poorly designed workstations. For these reasons, it is important to equip your workstation with the proper furniture and supplies, in order to reduce the amount of pain you experience and maximize overall productivity levels. Here is a list of the top 5 most important ergonomic items to have:

The Ergonomics of a Chair Explained | ChairOffice

This is obviously the piece of furniture that most influences your comfort while at work, because it supports your back and hips while working. Ergonomic office chairs should adequately provide cushioning to your lower back, and also ergonomic furniture online have a backrest that encourages you to sit at a comfortable angle. Ergonomic office chairs made with quality design in mind have been proven to increase productivity by at least 8% throughout the work day.

The placement and structure of your desk affects the angle of your wrists, elbows, neck, and head while working. Ergonomic desks will position your monitor directly in your line of vision and allow your wrists to be supported while you type. Desks should also be easily adjustable, in order to allow customization for your particular body type.

An ergonomic mouse should allow your posture to remain neutral while you operate the computer. This means that the mouse is at the correct height and can be accessed easily, without twist or strain. It should also be equipped with a special non-slip surface that will reduce tension in the arm as a result of securing hand placement on the mouse, and will often come with extra programmable features.

A good computer keyboard is actually considered to be a solid treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomic keyboards are usually split in two pieces, in order to eliminate awkward arm and wrist positioning, and can reduce the instance of tendinitis and chronic wrist pain. They can also be adjusted to accommodate a range of different sizes and posture needs.

While most standard office chairs are equipped with armrests, they may not be positioned to provide the support necessary for repetitive computer-related tasks. For that reason, many companies now make separate armrests that can be clipped to the front of the desk and aligned properly to provide maximum protection against arm and shoulder pain. The overall benefits of an ergonomic armrest are reduced tension and relief from chronic pain.

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